In the late 80’s, an educator and a pastor started talking about “what if.” What if we started a school from scratch without preconceived notions? A school located in an urban center that utilized and celebrated the vast resources there? A school that offered a faith-based education, but also strived to be culturally engaged?

This vision stirred in the hearts of these friends for many years. They were diligent to develop a framework. Documents were written and plans were made. During this time people’s paths crossed and the vision was passed to them. It is these connections that kept the momentum of the vision moving forward. 

The road was not clear at times. Finding the right people and the right location seemed to be impossible. But even when things seemed difficult, the core team kept the passion for the vision strong - they never considered giving up. 

Now, over 25 years later, Daystar is a living testament to the hard work and perseverance of a small group of visionaries who lived the belief of “better.” Better children. Better adults. Better city. Better world. Better, because of better education.  Daystar perpetually uses best educational practices, equipping students to be a positive, transformational presence in the world.  In this unique culture, one that fosters a love of learning, active, hands-on educational challenges assure that students thrive, they are encouraged as individuals, immersed in co-operation, and taught through example and instruction how to be a light in the city of Chicago. By intentionally promoting a diverse culture, Daystar proves that an urban, cosmopolitan education has merit beyond the four walls of the classroom and the finite years of student-ship.  Students graduate from Daystar enriched in mind, character and spirit, prepared to be beacons to the city, nation and beyond.

Looking forward, the vision continues to burn bright and is stronger today than ever. The pages ahead of the Daystar story are unwritten. What part will your family play?