How You Learn Matters

We believe that education needs to be experienced first-hand, touched with your hands, and felt with emotion. We’ve built a program that ensures that every student embraces the world around them as their classroom, using local, national and global resources as tools for learning.

Our students regularly spend time in active learning outside of the classroom, at locations across Chicagoland. Each learning excursion is tailored to a topic of study and encourages students to engage with the world around them. 

Make sure you have your passport! Every Daystar Academy student also travels abroad as part of their academic program in grades 9-12.

Who You Learn With Matters

Daystar Academy students benefit from working with students who represent the world around them. Our student body is made up of a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. There are no lines dividing who is and is not welcome, resulting in a beautifully diverse population. Diversity doesn’t just mean ethnicity. We believe that socio-economic diversity allows a student to encounter difference, learn from each other and form new bonds that can transcend divisions in our world. Student-body diversity enriches the learning environment. At Daystar Academy, 60 percent of families receive financial aid (over $1 million dollars awarded each year).

As a faith-based school, our student body comes from a range of Christian traditions, each loved and valued by our community.



What you do Matters

We believe that when we work to understand the reality of other members of our community, we develop open hearts and minds that are focused on action. 

At Daystar we embrace a lifestyle of service, continually looking for ways to give back and support others. We provide opportunities for community service across our entire program, from academics to athletics and extra-curricular activities. We encourage our students to be empathetic and compassionate global citizens, always ready to lend a hand.





Knowing Who Created You Matters

Psalm 139:4 I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well.

We believe that we are created, loved, and valued by God and that we display God’s love as we interact with the community and world around us. Daystar’s Christian foundation informs all that we do as we are able to better understand the world around us with the knowledge of brokenness and hope of redemption. 





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