We believe that an excellent education must include the whole student. For this reason, we encourage our students as they excel academically, but we greatly encourage them as they grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually as well. From the youngest to the oldest, we've seen Daystar alumni not just consistently go to top tier high schools and colleges, but also be students who stand out when they get there.



The Wonder Zone | Preschool At Daystar

Our youngest students are often the ones who wow us the most. The social skills, academic learning, and mental growth they display reinforce why we take seriously the environment in which they learn and the team that teaches them.


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Kindergarten - Fifth Grade

Beginning in Kindergarten, foundations of learning are reinforced. Students are introduced to the idea of being life-long, global learners through a variety of projects, utilization of the city of Chicago's resources through learning excursions (purposeful and educational field trips), and a balanced curriculum that emphasizes math, science, reading, writing, the arts, and physical education.


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Middle School | 6th - 8th Grade

The Middle School builds on the foundations set in the Primary Years Program and exposes students to the world around them as they are introduced to the IB Middle Years Program (6th - 10th).  Students are challenged to think and establish their own worldview in every focus, from Math to Language Acquisition, Physical Education to Art. 

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High School | 9th - 12th Grade

- A faith-based, culturally-engaged, globally-minded high school program means that each student can take ownership of their education and thrive.

- 10:1 Student to staff ratio ensures each child is mentored and enabled to pursue their academic passions. 

- A dedication to understanding the world around us results in yearly international travel opportunities and ongoing engagement with the city of Chicago.

-Independent and collaborative project-based assignments during 9th & 10th grades to provide academic and socio-emotional development needed to excel as independent and proactive learners in 11th & 12th grade (IB Diploma Program). 


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