High School

Daystar's High School program builds upon the foundation that is set in Daystar's younger grades and provides greater depth of learning and opportunities for students. As students engage in their classroom work and apply it to the world around them, they develop their own identity and in it become known. Students who are known are students who care and want to make a difference in their neighborhoods, their city, and the world as a natural result of their learning.

Daystar's high school students learn to love and love to learn as they embark on the journey of becoming the adults the world needs. They do this as they use the resources of Chicago to deepen their understanding, and they take hold of international travel opportunities to grow their worldview. In 9th & 10th grades, high school students complete the final two years of the IB Middle Years Program. In 11th and 12th grade, students will enter the IB Diploma Program. Daystar anticipates receiving IB Diploma Program authorization before the 2021-22 school year.


Why Daystar Academy for high School?

Daystar Academy is a faith-based, culturally engaged, globally-minded high school preparing students to positively impact the world through a diverse private education.

As a Christian school, we view learning through the lens of God’s truth which teaches our students that all are loved and valued in God’s eyes.

Daystar Academy is a place where students are known. It’s a place where they can develop their own identity. Students who are known are students who care and want to make a difference in their neighborhoods, their city, and the world as a natural result of their learning.

Daystar Academy students learn to love and love to learn as they embark on the journey of becoming the adults the world needs.


We believe that education needs to be experienced first-hand, touched with your hands, and felt with emotion. 

Our students regularly spend time in active learning outside of the classroom, at locations across Chicagoland. In addition to local learning experiences, high school students will participate in overnight Learning Expeditions that integrate learning and service. Students participate in an annual retreat in the Chicago region, and to facilitate global learning, an international trip during the spring semester. These are included in the cost of tuition.


Daystar Academy is a Christ-centered school, focused on God’s great love for us and for our neighbors. We do not view the Bible as a textbook, but rather teach how to see the world through the lens of God’s truth. As a faith-based school, our student body comes from a range of Christian traditions.

Daystar is an International Baccalaureate World School. The IB program of learning guides us in accomplishing our mission: to empower our students to positively impact the word through a faith-based, culturally-engaged, globally-minded education.


Daystar students benefit from working with students who represent the world around them. Our student body is deliberately made up of a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. 

Diversity doesn’t just mean ethnicity. We believe that socio-economic diversity allows students to encounter difference, learn from each other and form new bonds that transcend divisions in our world. At Daystar we are raising the adults the world needs. Because we are committed to diversity and believe all students deserve quality education, 60 percent of our families receive financial aid. Over $1.5 million dollars is awarded in financial aid each year.

The International Baccalaureate Framework

The International Baccalaureate “aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.” With our commitment to producing engaged global citizens, Daystar is fully authorized to offer the IB Middle Years Program (MYP) in the 6th-10th grades. We are also a candidate school for the IB Primary Years Program (preK-5th) and the IB Diploma Program (11th-12th), expecting authorization in the DP before the start of the 2021-2022 school year, and in the PYP shortly thereafter. LEARN MORE HERE.


Using the IB MYP and DP framework, a Biblical framework, the Daystar Distinctives, as well as Responsive Classroom strategies, we desire to help nurture students who will become Christ-following global citizens who will develop their God-given gifts to transform the world near and far. We desire to have students make strong, relevant connections between what they are learning and the world around them. With a Biblical foundation, we also desire to model and help students develop ten attitudes and traits that form the IB Learner Profile and out of this strong character, seek ways to serve those around them. Finally, we desire to develop the self-knowledge and skills students need to enjoy a lifetime of learning.  

The IB framework is flexible, allowing Daystar teachers to provide individualized instruction to students while focusing on the whole child. In 6th-10th grade at Daystar, student take classes in the 8 MYP subject areas, each class taught through concept-driven units of study. In the 11th and 12th grade, all students will take 6 IB DP classes*, with the option of working towards an IB Diploma at graduation.

*Daystar is a DP candidate school, expecting authorization before the 2021-22 school year.


In addition to academic rigor, we cultivate the emotional and social development of our students through ongoing opportunities to participate in athletic and extracurricular activities. We also provide guidance counseling designed to instill a self-starter, knowledge-fueled and spiritually based approach to decision-making.

Extra-Curricular Activities, Clubs and Classes

At Daystar Academy we are building students who are confident, exposed to a variety of experiences and engaged in continuous learning and a curiosity for the world around them. Unique activities, designed to enrich and expand each student’s participation, are built into the high school experience. We want to encourage student exploration as well as encourage the development of the gifts God has given our students, while instilling school spirit and providing opportunities for fellowship outside of the classroom.

Our students can join a variety of extra-curricular activities supported by our faculty, where they are expected and empowered to lead, create and serve others. These offerings are driven by student passions, talents and interests. Offerings include options such as Outdoors Club (biking, canoeing and hiking), photography, service club, ukulele, coding and Lego robotics.

We expect students to be involved in at least one extra-curricular club quarterly, most of which are offered during school hours. This is in keeping with our desire to support the importance of family time by making sure every student is able to be home at a reasonable hour.

Learning Excursions and Expeditions

Daystar uses the city as a classroom! Each year, high school students can expect to go on 10-15 learning excursions that enhance their classroom learning. In addition to these local learning experiences, high school students will also participate in overnight learning expeditions including an annual retreat and annual international trips, both of which are included in the cost of tuition.

Student Support Services

Our highly personalized counseling services are designed to align with our global view of learning, empowering students to be a part of the solution as we provide guidance across a wide range of areas. Students receive social-emotional support as they navigate their high school years at Daystar, and our small student-teacher ratio allows students to get the personalized academic support that they need. 

During their junior and senior years, students will receive guidance from our student support team as they navigate their post-secondary choices, including college visits, college essay support and vocational planning.

At Daystar, we want to develop students who know how to seek and use information to develop their depth and breadth of knowledge in an academically honest way. Daystar students are provided access to a variety of resources throughout Chicago and online including access to the Chicago Public library and other university libraries in the area, Gale in Context databases, Noodletools and Turnitin.com.  Click to read our MYP/DP Academic Honesty Policy.


Athletic participation is an important part of the education experience for all Daystar Academy students. Team participation and interscholastic competition afford our student athletes training and competition opportunities in which dedication and commitment are stressed and required as they pursue excellence and develop a heart of service to others. Athletics are used by our coaches to support our students in the development of important physical, social, and emotional aspects of who God desires they will become.



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