Honoring individuality. Fostering a love for learning.

In small class sizes with low student-to-teacher ratios, kindergarteners at Daystar receive individual attention daily, engaging in "just-right" work that continually moves them toward the next level of academic and social development. Through hands-on activities, students build a strong foundation as well as excitement and confidence about learning.

Our kindergarten program offers a loving, safe environment where creativity and playful learning meet. Below, you'll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

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Daily Schedule

What does an International Baccalaureate education look like at the kindergarten level? We integrate traditional academic subjects (math, reading, writing, social studies and science) into transdisciplinary units that allow for inquiry and exploration. This cross-curricular approach allows students to see how what they are learning is interconnected, and how what they are doing relates to the wider world. 

Below is a sample schedule that will give you an idea of how our day flows:

8:00: Arrival Routines and Morning Work

8:20: Morning Meeting/ Unit Preview/Read-Aloud

8:45: Physical Education or Spanish

9:20: Snack

9:35: Choice/Center/Unit Exploration Time (incorporates math, reading, writing, and speaking)

10:45: Mid-Day Meeting/Unit Extension/Read-Aloud

11:00: Choice/Center/Unit Exploration Time

12:00: Lunch

12:30: Quite/Solo Reading Time

1:00: Choice/Center/Unit Exploration Time

1:45: Recess

2:20: Closing Circle and Dismissal*

*After-school care is available until 5:30 p.m.


The learning environment at Daystar

Some children entering kindergarten have been in a preschool environment with some core academic and group social skills. Others will be joining a classroom community for the first time and may just be starting to make sense of working with letters, numbers, classmates, and teachers. Daystar teachers are skilled at creating learning experiences that reach all students.

Our kindergarteners flourish through: 

  • Care and support. Teachers are able to offer individualized attention, care, and support to students because we keep our classes small with an average 12:1 student-teacher ratio.

  • An active learning approach. Worksheets are a rarity at Daystar. Instead, students learn in academic centers curated for hands-on learning. Extending the definition of active learning, Daystar kindergarteners take 10-15 learning excursions a year.

  • A stimulating environment. From our vibrant classrooms and learning centers to the outdoor gardens, play space, and picnic area, students enjoy an environment designed for whole-child growth.

  • Modeling kindness. With an unhurried day and gentle reminders about making good choices, our kindergarten team teachers students how to care for themselves and others.



Is your child ready to start kindergarten?   

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 What Does a High-Quality Kindergarten Look Like?

What sets us apart

Real-World Learning

Throughout kindergarten and the primary years, students apply what they are learning to real-life contexts and develop an age-appropriate understanding of global issues. Examining these issues through the lens of God's truth provides a strong foundation for spiritual growth.

Our 21st Century Approach

We believe the best foundations for 21st century skills (creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, etc.) come from interacting with humans more and screens less. Kindergarteners use technology in the classroom in limited ways. For example, iPads may be used alongside active learning within a specific unit. No kindergarten student spends more than 60 minutes per week on a device at school.

A Safe Environment

We go above and beyond best practice and state regulations on facility safety measures and staff background checks. An especially strong exterior (double sets of locked doors, numerous security cameras, etc.) allows students to feel safe within the walls of our school and enjoy age-appropriate levels of autonomy.

The IB Program

The International Baccalaureate program informs how we teach through an inquiry-based, transdisciplinary approach. The path to becoming inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people starts here. Kindergarteners are encouraged to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners. Learn more here:

What is an IB education?


From our parents:

"It is just unbelievable how much our daughter has learned about science, arts, language, history, religion, and values. She developed an amazing understanding and interest in the world around her. Her teacher provided a wonderful environment for her to grow in and we could not be happier for our daughter to continue her Daystar path in first grade. She was even able to read the first grade teacher's welcome postcard by herself!"      -Michael L.

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