Daystar Academy's Pre-Kindergarten program, the Wonder Zone, is a caring, nurturing environment where children, aged 3 - 5 years-old, lay the foundation of becoming life-long learners as they engage in hands-on learning.

In the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP), grades Pre-K - 5, it is acknowledged that experiences during the early years lay the foundations for all future learning. Research indicates that the rapid rate of development that occurs in the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic domains is particularly significant. It is our responsibility as educators to recognize and maximize this crucial stage of learning.

Teachers of students in the early years are encouraged to support students’ interests, build up their self esteem and confidence, and respond to spontaneous events, as well as support the development of skills in all cognitive areas in relevant ways. Children, from birth, are full of curiosity, and the PYP provides a framework that gives crucial support for them to be active inquirers and lifelong learners.

Half-day and Full-day programs available.


Wonder Zone Sample Schedule


Pre-K Fast Facts


10:1 student to teacher ratio

3 to 5 years-old (Must turn 3 prior to participation)

International Baccalaureate framework and standards

Hands-on, play-based learnin​g

Indoor & outdoor big muscle time

​Optional hot lunch program​

Flexible programming from
7:30 am to 6:00 pm


The International Baccalaureate Program In Pre-K

The PYP curriculum model is dependent on our commitment to a particular belief about how children learn, encapsulated most clearly in the constructivist approach. It is acknowledged that learners have beliefs about how the world works based on their experiences and prior learning. Those beliefs, models or constructs are revisited and revised in the light of new experiences and further learning. As we strive to make meaning of our lives and the world around us we travel continually on the cyclic path of constructing, testing, and confirming or revising our personal models of how the world works.




Do they have to be three years old to start at Daystar?Yes. In the state of Illinois there is a completely separate licensure required for K-12 schools that also run a Pre-K if the children are younger than three. If your child's birthday is after the start of school, we will consider a delayed start date on a case by case basis. 

Bathroom Rules?All students starting in Pre-K must be potty trained. Diapers or pull-ups are not allowed. You will know when your child is potty trained when they are having less than one accident per month. In addition, Pre-K students must know how to manage bathroom tasks on their own.

Is There homework?As a play-based Pre-K, the Wonder Zone does not have any homework. Every moment of the day is tailored to stimulating children and teaching them needed academic and social skills to prepare them for kindergarten.


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