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As a parent, you know that sending your child to preschool is about much more than learning letters and numbers. It's about giving them an outlet for their creativity, fostering their communication skills, and allowing them to learn how to work collaboratively with friends. At Daystar Academy,  it's also about teaching students that there is a God who loves them very much, and providing them with a tangible picture of how we are to care for each other.

Our Christian preschool program is a safe, nurturing environment that is filled with opportunities for hands-on learning. Students grow academically, socially, and emotionally as they play, work together, and hone specific readiness skills that make for a smooth transition to kindergarten. When they graduate from our program, they are not only prepared to thrive in the elementary years, they are confident in themselves and motivated to continue learning.

Below, you'll find a brief overview of what we offer, including: 

Preschool at Daystar

Choosing a Preschool Program

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Explore. Play. Grow.

The learning environment at Daystar

Preschoolers experience rapid development in their physical, social, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic domains. Our classrooms are set up to maximize this crucial stage of learning. We call our preschool program "The Wonder Zone" because that's where we start - asking our students what they wonder about. "I wonder how that works?" "I wonder what will happen next?" "I wonder what I want to do next?" Hands-on experiences foster curiosity and competence in a gentle rhythm of gathering, discussing, and exploring. 

Inside our preschool classrooms, you will find:

  • Small groups of learners where all of our students are cared for and known. Preschool classes have a student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1.

  • A technology-free zone: during the preschool years, hands-on, sensory activities are more impactful learning tools than technology.

  • Learning centers that allow children to feed their natural curiosity and learn as active inquirers.

  • A strong emphasis on cleanliness and safety. We are committed to keeping our youngest learners healthy in a highly secure learning environment.

In addition to vibrant classrooms, our preschool students enjoy learning and playing outdoors daily as often as weather permits.


Preschool Programs

We understand that every child has unique learning needs and families have different schedules. At Daystar you will find both half- and full-day programs, as well as extended care. All programs are five days per week and follow our academic calendar.

  • Half-Day Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
  • Full-Day Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Before and After-School Care

  • All students may be dropped off as early as 7:40 a.m.
  • Extended care is available in the afternoon at an additional fee and runs until 5:30 p.m.

Meet a Teacher

Ms. Begley

Teaching Experience: 20 years, 8 at Daystar

"My favorite thing about teaching is seeing life through the eyes of our children. They see everything with a sense of awe and wonder! It's a constant reminder to me of who God is and all the beauty that life holds. I love reading with the little ones and telling them stories - stories that will influence who they are and who they will become. Teaching has brought so much delight and fulfillment to my life, and it has given me a spirit of gratitude to the Lord for allowing me to live out His purpose."


From our parents:

"When looking for preschools, my husband and I wanted a school with a Christian worldview where our adopted daughters could also have classmates and teachers who looked like them. I was nervous dropping off our daughters for the first few weeks, knowing that their behaviors would need a special love to really ground them. After a few weeks, my children built such special bonds with their teachers, and were loved so deeply that it sweetened our life beyond the school walls. Daystar is more than just a diverse Christian school, but one that showed so much love it grounded my daughters."  - Sara C.

What sets us apart


Exploratory Learning

Daystar is an IB World School, meaning we follow the International Baccalaureate program and standards across all grade levels. In preschool, this looks like recognizing that students are agents of their own learning and providing plenty of opportunities for them to explore and ask questions. Teachers focus these inquiry-based experiences around math, science, literacy, and social studies.


Mixed-Age Classrooms

We believe that allowing students between the ages of 3 and 5 to learn together creates a dynamic environment where our youngest learners have positive roll models and our older students act as natural leaders. Students have choice and voice in daily activities, which teaches them to negotiate, cooperate, and develop patience among peers.


A Safe Environment

We go to great lengths to ensure our students are safe in every way. Our entrances are securely locked, visitors always go through a check-in process in the lobby, and background checks are conducted on all new staff members. Additionally, our teachers are trained in Responsive Classroom, which fosters social and emotional safety.


Parent Involvement

Families are kept updated on their child's learning progress. Our teachers are always accessible through e-mail and utilize the Class Dojo app for sharing special photos and school news. We have three scheduled progress reports and parent-teacher conferences during the year, and families are invited to participate in the classroom throughout the year.


Preschool FAQ

Do kids have to be three years old to start at Daystar?Yes. In the state of Illinois there is a completely separate licensure required for K-12 schools that also run a preschool if the children are younger than three. If your child's birthday is after the start of school, we will consider a delayed start date on a case by case basis. 

Bathroom Rules?All students starting in preschool must be potty trained. Diapers or pull-ups are not allowed. You will know when your child is potty trained when they are having less than one accident per month. In addition, preschool students must know how to manage bathroom tasks on their own.

Is There homework?As a play-based preschool, the Wonder Zone does not have any homework. Every moment of the day is tailored to stimulating children and teaching them needed academic and social skills to prepare them for kindergarten.

See for Yourself

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