Daystar Academy's Pre-Kindergarten program, the Wonder Zone, is a caring, nurturing environment where children, aged 3 - 5 years-old, lay the foundation of becoming life-long learners as they engage in hands-on learning. The PYP transdisciplinary framework offers young students authentic opportunities to focus on key developmental abilities and prepares students to flourish in kindergarten. 

As a candidate school for the Primary Years Program, the Pre-K team is implementing the IB framework as we work toward full authorization. Our Pre-K program values the early years as a time in which play is the primary driver for inquiry. Play involves choice, promotes agency and provides opportunities to inquire into important concepts and personal interests. Daily learning teaches students how to develop the characteristics that make up the IB learner profile.


Daily ScheduleThe structure of each day allows for students to engage in a range of activities that stimulate all aspects of their learning. Big muscle time at the park or in the gym develops motor skills and allows students to get out some energy! Each day looks like this:

  • Arrival & Quiet Activities (7:30 - 8:00) 
  • Morning Circle Time 
  • Activity Time (Students choose from activities such as art, math activities, solo reading, sensory activities, etc.)
  • Snack Time 
  • Gym Activities (guided activities that connect to units of study)
  • Large Group Learning
  • Park 
  • Lunch (students staying only for the morning are picked up while full-day students are preparing for lunch)
  • Quiet Reading
  • Rest/Nap Time
  • Activity Time 
  • Pick Up (2:45 - 3:15)
  • *After School Available until 6:00 pm. 

Every family has different needs. Daystar offers a variety of programs, both half and full day to suit what is best for your family. 


Pre-K Programs & Tuition Cost


Pre-K FAQsDo they have to be three years old to start at Daystar?Yes. In the state of Illinois there is a completely separate licensure required for K-12 schools that also run a Pre-K if the children are younger than three. If your child's birthday is after the start of school, we will consider a delayed start date on a case by case basis. 

Bathroom Rules?All students starting in Pre-K must be potty trained. Diapers or pull-ups are not allowed. You will know when your child is potty trained when they are having less than one accident per month. In addition, Pre-K students must know how to manage bathroom tasks on their own.

Is There homework?As a play-based Pre-K, the Wonder Zone does not have any homework. Every moment of the day is tailored to stimulating children and teaching them needed academic and social skills to prepare them for kindergarten.


Pre-K Fast Facts


10:1 student to teacher ratio

3 to 5 years-old (Must turn 3 prior to participation)

International Baccalaureate framework and standards

Hands-on, play-based learnin​g

Indoor & outdoor big muscle time

​Optional hot lunch program​

Flexible programming from
7:30 am to 6:00 pm


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