Tuition Information

As a parent, you know that education is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Your child's learning environment impacts how they grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Many families see the benefits available through private education but have concerns about the cost. Daystar Academy strives to open our doors to families from a wide variety of income levels. In fact, about 60% of families pay less than the full cost of a Daystar education, their tuition rate adjusted based on their family's annual gross income. 

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We are committed to making an excellent education accessible to families across Chicago. We also recognize that affordability is an important consideration for parents, which is why we offer tuition adjustments based on family income.


Affording a Daystar Academy Education

While considering school options, so many families approach the cost of private education assuming: 

"If this is the tuition, then we can't afford this school." 

In reality, many families with low and middle incomes - and all kinds of income levels in between - do qualify for a tuition adjustment. At Daystar we believe that an excellent and complete education means learning in an environment that reflects the world around us. It is a priority for us that our students come from a wide range of economic backgrounds, and we accomplish this by offering over $2 million in needs-based financial aid each year. Daystar is a place where a private, faith-based education can be truly affordable. 

60% of our K-12 students receive financial aid.

You can apply for a tuition adjustment through FACTS, a system which makes the process simple and impartial, after an offer of admission and during the enrollment process. Families qualify for aid once their oldest child is in Kindergarten. Families who qualify can expect to pay 10-14% of their adjusted gross income in annual tuition for their family. The annual tuition minimum per child in grades K-8 is $3,000; the annual tuition minimum per child in grades 9-12 is $4,000.

How much does it cost?

The following table represents our tuition by age and stage before applying any tuition adjustments. Our admissions team is here to answer any questions you have about tuition, and how to make a Daystar education work for your family. 

All-Inclusive Tuition

As part of our commitment to equity and community, Daystar tuition covers the full cost of your child's education. All they need to bring daily is a backpack, water bottle, lunch, and snack. 

Tuition includes:

  • All school supplies

  • 10-15 learning excursions per year (kindergarten through high school)

  • Technology fee

  • Elective classes

  • Overnight expeditions (middle and high school)

  • International or domestic travel (high school)


An enrollment fee of $500 for new families or $300 for existing families applied at the time of each year's enrollment.

Some sports or after-school clubs may incur additional fees, but these are minimal. After-school childcare is available for an additional fee.


From our parents:

"When I received the financial aid package we were awarded, it made me teary eyed. They were definitely tears of gratitude because it allows us to go to a school where my kids have an amazing education AND feel loved...right here in the heart of Chicago. I'm thankful that when I send them to school, there is no longer this cloud of concern hanging over my head, wondering whether my kids are going to thrive or not. Thanks so much for creating and nurturing this loving culture."

Tuition FAQ

How does Daystar Academy determine if a family is eligible for adjusted tuition?Daystar partners with FACTS, a third-party financial processor of Indexed Tuition applications for independent schools across the country. FACTS uses an "Estimated Family Contribution" (EFC) calculation that takes into account many of the factors that make up a family's overall financial picture. Each application is evaluated in a fair, consistent, and confidential manner. Families qualify once their oldest child is in Kindergarten.

Is there a cap on available funds?Daystar has a generous financial aid budget, but it is not unlimited. We work hard to maintain a 60/40 ratio of families who pay adjusted tuition and those who pay full tuition. This ensures an economically diverse learning community which benefits every student.

Do you offer payment plan options?Yes. We offer a 10-month plan (July to April), 11-month plan (July to May), bi-annual plan (payments in July and January), and annual plan (full payment in July).

Are tuition adjustment available for students in all grades?Priority for adjusted tuition is given to students starting at Daystar at the traditional entry points of kindergarten and 9th grade. 

Could applying for Adjusted Tuition diminish the chances of my child being accepted to Daystar?No. All families are welcome to apply for a tuition adjustment, and submitting an application through FACTS has no bearing on an applicant's admissibility. However, as we work to maintain a sustainable budget, we may not be able to admit all students whose admission is contingent on an adjusted tuition rate.


Making an Enrollment Decision With Confidence

Daystar develops world changers, emphasizing whole-student growth in the classroom and beyond. Our students feel welcome, safe, and included, and parents feel a peace of mind knowing their children are in an environment where they can thrive. 

How do we do it?

As an IB World School, we implement the International Baccalaureate program, which provides students with a global viewpoint and promotes an inquiry based style of learning.

Our classrooms are not limited to four walls. Students go on numerous learning excursions each year, gaining a real-world perspective on classroom investigations.