Admissions Process

Finding the right school in Chicago can be a daunting prospect. You may be starting your first child in Pre-K and want to know the things you should be looking for. You may have just moved to the city and were at a private school you loved and are hoping to replicate that experience in your family's next chapter. You may have been at your neighborhood school and realized it was not the best fit for your child. Wherever you are coming from, it is our goal as a school staff to make you know whether Daystar is the best fit for your family. 

Steps To Enroll. 

1. Attend a daystar tour. For our Kindergarten through 10th grade prospective families, tours typically take place on Friday mornings. This way you have the opportunity to observe Friday morning chapel, interact with current families, and hear from Daystar leadership. On these tours you will also be walked through Daystar's facility while hearing about the teaching philosophy and things that are distinctively Daystar. 

For our Pre-K families, tours are typically on Thursday mornings at 8:30 am. In the Wonder Zone, Daystar's Pre-K program, at this time, students will be engaged in a variety of activities, giving you the opportunity to see the entire program in action. The tour will include time to talk with and ask questions of Daystar leadership, a tour of the Pre-K facilities including the gym, and explanation of Daystar's Pre-K teaching philosophy.

2. Complete An ApplicationYou are welcome to begin and complete your application prior to touring, however, we will invite you to come for a tour before moving forward with the application (if no tour dates are available due to summer or Christmas vacation, reach out to Daystar's online application gives you space to provide all you want to communicate about your child. Once you have completed the online application, which includes a $60 application fee and upload of a copy of your child's birth certificate, Daystar's admissions team will review the application before reaching out to schedule next steps. For 1st through 9th grade applications, additional supporting documents are required, including a recent progress report, an end of year report card, a teacher and principal recommendations, and standardized test scores. In Pre-K & K, any records from previous school experience is required. 

3. Participate in a playdate or classroom visitFor Pre-K & Kindergarten applicants, Daystar's natural student entry points, students will attend a Playdate. During this low stakes 45 minute-long visit, students will participate in tailored activities with Daystar teachers and other prospective students. Teachers will interact with students while also observing to understand whether Daystar will be an ideal fit. Parents, meanwhile, spend the time meeting with Daystar leadership to talk about Pre-K and Kindergarten readiness and discuss some simple steps to take to prepare your child for school. 

For 1st - 10th grade applications, Daystar's admissions team will reach out to schedule a classroom visit. Visits will vary in time according to age. Students will participate in the regular classroom schedule and will also will also complete an academic assessment. 

4. Receive An Admission Decision

Following either the visit or play date, Daystar's admissions team will email an admissions decision within 7 - 10 days. 

Enabling an excellent educationAt Daystar we believe that an excellent and complete education means learning in an environment that reflects the world around us. For that reason we do all that we can to ensure our students come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. We do this by offering over $1,000,000 in need-based financial aid each year. Sixty percent of our K-8 students receive some sort of assistance. Daystar is a place where a private education is truly affordable!

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