Protect Young Eyes

As part of Daystar's commitment to raising adults that the world needs, Daystar has taken specific steps to address digital safety in our student body by partnering with Protect Young Eyes and becoming a Protect Young Eyes Certified School.

Protect Young Eyes is an organization dedicated to helping families, schools, and churches create digital safer environments by providing resources on digital safety. As part of their relationship with Daystar, PYE has hosted in-person internet safety sessions in grades 2-9 and engaged Daystar's parent community with tailored interactive sessions to ensure parents are proactive with their children and digital safety. Daystar Academy also consulted with PYE in order to create a suite of technology policies that proactively address device usage, incident management, and student-teacher interactions.


Protect Young Eyes currently works with hundreds of private and public schools across the United States and Canada, providing free resources to families who want to stay on top of the ever changing digital world. Visit them at the link below.