Student Life

In addition to academic rigor, we cultivate the emotional and social development of our students through ongoing opportunities to participate in athletic and extracurricular activities. We also provide guidance counseling designed to instill a self-starter, knowledge-fueled and spiritually-based approach to decision making.

Faith At Daystar

We believe that all people are created, loved, and valued by God and that we display God's love as we interact with the community and world around us. 

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Student Clubs

At Daystar Academy we are nurturing students who are confident, exposed to a variety of experiences and engaged in continuous learning and a curiosity for the world around them. Unique activities, designed to enrich and expand each student’s participation, are built into the high school experience. We want to encourage student exploration as well as encourage the development of the gifts God has given our students, while instilling school spirit and providing opportunities for fellowship outside of the classroom.

Our students can join a variety of extra-curricular activities supported by our faculty, where they are expected and empowered to lead, create and serve others. These offerings are driven by student passions, talents and interests. Offerings include options such as Outdoors Club (biking, canoeing and hiking), photography, service club, ukulele, coding and Lego robotics.

We expect students to be involved in at least one extra-curricular club quarterly, most of which are offered during school hours. This is in keeping with our desire to support the importance of family time by making sure every student is able to be home at a reasonable hour.


Participation in athletics forms a vital part of the overall educational experience for all of our students. 

Our framework for engagement focuses on the importance of skill building and team play. As good global citizens, we view athletics as an opportunity to discover the rewards and skills necessary to be engaged contributors and team members. We also appreciate the role interscholastic and intramural competition and participation, as well as physical education classes, play in enabling students to reach higher levels of mental, moral, social and physical fitness. By focusing on these disciplines, we are able to support our students in the development of important physical, social and emotional aspects of who they will end up becoming. 

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