Participation in athletics forms a vital part of the overall educational experience for all of our students. 

Our framework for engagement focuses on the importance of skill building and team play. As good global citizens, we view athletics as an opportunity to discover the rewards and skills necessary to be engaged contributors and team members. We also appreciate the role interscholastic and intramural competition and participation, as well as physical education classes, play in enabling students to reach higher levels of mental, moral, social and physical fitness. By focusing on these disciplines, we are able to support our students in the development of important physical, social and emotional aspects of who they will end up becoming. 



Falcon Athletics

The Daystar Academy Falcon athletics program (5th through 12th grade).  Teams typically practice two times a week and compete regularly against other Chicago area schools.  Seasons vary slightly in length and number of games/competitions. 


Junior Falcon Athletics

Junior Falcon Athletics is comprised of Daystar elementary students from 1st through 4th grades. This program provides opportunities for Daystar students to develop foundational athletic skills and learn important sport specific skills, techniques, and strategies in preparation for future participation in Daystar Academy’s middle school and high school athletic program. 


Fall - Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Soccer, Co-ed Cross Country

Winter - Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball

Spring - Co-ed Track and Field


Junior falcons (1st-4th)

Fall - Soccer, After School Sports 

Winter- Basketball

Spring- Jr. Running


Questions can be directed to Nick Ploegstra, Daystar Academy Athletic Director,