Faith Development At Daystar

As Christians, we view the world through the lens of God’s Truth, which teaches our students that all are loved and valued. The first of Daystar’s three core values is faith-based. The Christian faith is central to Daystar’s history and current practice. In today’s world, we know that this truth can be misunderstood and so we work all the harder to define and teach what it means to be people of faith.  Core to this is that we believe faith is integrated into all aspects of our curriculum. Students, teachers, and parents learn, play, worship, and work together as a reflection of God’s love for us. This means that each individual is treated with respect regardless of whether or not they hold to the same beliefs. 

Weekly Chapel

During weekly chapel students in Kindergarten and above gather together and participate in song, prayer, and hear from God's Word. Weekly chapel is open to parents and guests and one of the primary times when our extended parent community comes together and gets to know one another. 


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What Daystar Believes


The Bible is God’s true and inspired Word. On the foundation of God’s infallible Word, the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, Daystar declares the following articles to be our summary statement of the Christian faith: