Student Clubs

At Daystar, we are nurturing students who are confident, exposed to a variety of experiences and engaged in continuous learning and a curiosity for the world around them. Unique activities, designed to enrich and expand each student’s participation, are built into the school experience. We want to encourage student exploration as well as encourage the development of the gifts God has given them while instilling school spirit and providing opportunities for fellowship outside of the classroom. 

Our students can join a variety of Christ-honoring clubs supported by our faculty, where they are expected and empowered to lead, create and serve others. These offerings are driven by student passions, talents and interests. Beginning in Kindergarten, PYP students have the opportunity to open their eyes to various activities, learning basic skills, and discover their passions. In Middle School student clubs deepen skill and engage students with greater participation requirements to strengthen character. In High School students are engage with a variety of electives based on their interest and initiative to cultivate better involvement and visible benefit.  


Board Game Club


Drum Line

Walk For Water